Bon dia! This is Alba, representing JERC (Youth of Left wing republican party of Catalonia).

When in Catalonia we celebrate “Castanyada”, I went to somewhere unexpected: a Young Greens Exchange in a place of my country that I didn’t know at all, Madrona (Solsones).

At the beginning I was completely lost, but thanks to the nice people I found, I quickly got comfortable. A great amount of Swedish from the Green Party Youth (around 15), some Spanish from Red Equo Joven and ICV and some Catalans (not related to any political party) were there discussing about economical issues, The first topic on the panel was “Base income”. We could reflect about pros and cons and we could start having an opinion on it. It was interesting to see the similarities and some differences between the participants and their countries.

After that it was already time to have lunch. It was then when I met the family running the house we’re living in for some days, They were really welcoming and made a fantastic meal!

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to visit Solsona. A beautiful town where we could continue talking about politics in the different countries and knowing each other better.

Once back at the house we had a Swedish dinner. I realised IKEA meatballs are genuinely traditional in Sweden! The great meal let us to have very interesting conversations and to meet new participants from France and Catalonia.

Overall I’m glad I have come here, an unknown place that I already feel familiar and where I’m learning a lot. The best way to know other left wing political organizations and create relations in order to learn from each other and cooperate. We are really similar! I hope this doesn’t finish here, see you all again somewhere else (or here!).


Part of the group visiting Solsona


The first day of the Catalonian-Swedish exchange!

The first day of our exchange started with a combination of history and future. We began with Catalan history while discovering the Madrona castle and grounds. The future of Catalonia and the future of the rest of Europe were introduced through discussions about independence and green politics.

But firstly, we got to know each other!


During the discussions there were a lot of questions. The differences between the political systems in Sweden and in Spain showed to be quite large. We could see that it effects how our political movements functions and work. One surprising fact for me, was that the Spanish constitution was written by people who did not think that the people were ready for democracy, and to this day, each vote does not weigh equally throughout the country.

We did also discuss the independence movement of Catalonia and of other parts of Spain as well. It was really interesting to get to know Spain and to try to understand the country. Hopefully we will have reached an even deeper understanding at the end of this week!
Right now, we are ending our night with preparations for the seminars tomorrow and talks by the fire.


Inauguració d’activitats

20160815_115441El dia 20 d’agost varem fer la primera activitat de l’associació amb invitats de Suècia, Canàries, Tarragona, la Generalitat, representant del Bisbat, a part de membres de l’associació  i veïns de Madrona. Una reunió molt fructifera amb una xarla també sobre futurs intercanvis juvenils. El lloc és idoni per fer trobades interculturals o per altres tipus de grups.

Però es podrà organitzar altres tipus d’events, com exposicions, horts ecològics, visites guiades a les ruines de l’antic castell de Madrona o a l’Esglèsia Sant Pere Madrona a part del senderisme que es pot realitzar seguint la GR3 que passa per aquí.

La idea de l’associació és promoure i preservar el patrimoni cultural de Madrona que està situat en un espai protegit de la xarxa Natura 2000. Som una organització sense ànims de lucre i ens dirigim a tothom amb un interès per la història, cultura i la natura.

Juanfra och Olga

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