Ups and downs

This time in english.

It has passed some time since we last wrote here on the blog but this is not a normal year. Last time we wrote was in May. We had just entered Phase 1 when deescalation started. Now we’ve passed summer with restrictions but anyway relatively in freedom. The Bed and Breakfast (without breakfast due to the circumstances) has been very busy with all local tourists longing to go out in the countryside after lockdown.

Now in the end of October we might face a new one. They’re closing towns and regions all over Spain for the moment. Nothing is sure and all our plans for the association are still upp in the air.

About the forest project. It will start as soon as possible and we will need volonteers. We will check the possibilites within the Erasmus solidarity corps or with Workaway. If you’re interested to participate send us a mail.

About the Erasmus environmental project. It’s approved but we can’t execute it this year because of travel restrictions so we are in the process of postponing to next year.

Meanwhile we’ve prepared rooms on the top floor of the house to receive volonteers and restored the old chapel in the basement to be able to organize seminars, exhibitions and other events.

Another project that is pending is a photo exhibition on segregation that was meant to be shown in the Swedish Pavilion in Berga end of March, then april, then september, then october and that still has no final date decided. All due to restrictions.

As I said nothing is normal this year but at least it has been very productive for us with the garden, the chicken, the marmelades and drinks we’ve done from what we pick in the garden or the forest and all the work that has been done to restore the building.

The old Chapel