Fase 1 de la desescalada

Catalunya Central ha entrat finalment a la fase 1 de la desescalada i estem esperant que s’acabi l’estat d’alarma per poder continuar la feina que teniem pensat per aquest any. O sigui:

  1. Projecte forestal. El pla forestal ja està aprobat i iniciarem la feina relacionada amb la prevenció d’incendis. Serà possible fer voluntariats o amb Workaway o com un voluntariat Erasmus. Tornarem amb més informació.
  2. Erasmus+. Hem demanat per fer un Erasmus+ tema mediambient. Preliminarment està aprobat però degut al Corona no ho sabem 100 % o si ho hem de fer més tard.
  3. Recuperar la GR3. Una feina que farem junt amb una agrupació d’excursionistes de la comarca.

Mentrestant i durant el confinament ja hem posat en marxa l’hort i les gallines i arreglat la piscina i les habitacions per poder rebre els voluntaris. Tornarem amb més informació quan podem.

Youth Peace Summit

Chaia reading the Youth Peace Declaration in the Casal d’Europa in Berga

End of september we finally held the Erasmus+ peace youth event after having tried to get it approved several times without success. But really it turned out to be a really interesting event with young people from 5 countries and with in total 10 nationalities. From Northern Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Many of them refugees and from conflict areas. Just to mention some of them: Western Sahara, Kurdistan and Palestine.

After a week of hard work, and some entertainment of course, we finalised with the possibility to present the Peace Declaration in a peace seminar held in Berga.

The first day of the Catalonian-Swedish exchange!

The first day of our exchange started with a combination of history and future. We began with Catalan history while discovering the Madrona castle and grounds. The future of Catalonia and the future of the rest of Europe were introduced through discussions about independence and green politics.

But firstly, we got to know each other!


During the discussions there were a lot of questions. The differences between the political systems in Sweden and in Spain showed to be quite large. We could see that it effects how our political movements functions and work. One surprising fact for me, was that the Spanish constitution was written by people who did not think that the people were ready for democracy, and to this day, each vote does not weigh equally throughout the country.

We did also discuss the independence movement of Catalonia and of other parts of Spain as well. It was really interesting to get to know Spain and to try to understand the country. Hopefully we will have reached an even deeper understanding at the end of this week!
Right now, we are ending our night with preparations for the seminars tomorrow and talks by the fire.