Sweden-Spain Young Greens Exchange

2nd of November 2016

The topic of the day was Independence. This topic had already been introduced by Jordi, when he explained to us the current Catalonia-Spain situation. We started off with a presentation, by the Swedish MEP Bodil Valero, of the Western Sahara issue. An explanation of the origins of the conflict, as well as an update on the current situation, was provided. Several questions were asked, in order to get a more detailed insight into the true motivations of both parties. A discussion grew from that presentation.
In the evening we visited the city of Berga. We got to meet the former mayor of the city as well as some other members of the local government. We were also welcomed by a group of youngsters who lived there and had a special interest in alternative political movements. A panel discussion was held in the “Swedish Pavillion” (EU cultural center).
After a guided tour in the city in which its cultural traditions were highlighted to us, and during which we discussed the current political situations of Sweden, Spain, and Catalonia, we headed back to Madrona, where a Catalan-dish based dinner was waiting for us.

Djalel Boukerdenna

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